Long day’s journey … … into knights

mud treatment, the old fashioned way

mud treatment, the old fashioned way

I had the pleasure of spending the day with jousting knights, wailing winches and dueling swordsman.

The economy is in shambles. A new and terrifying disease is spreading throughout the area. People are making the most of tough times.

Welcome to England, circa 1543.

This was the final  weekend of the season, the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg, Ohio and has again brought people from across the area together for some good very, very old-fashioned fun.

“It’s a cheap thrill,” Higgins said, dressed for the occasion in a black corset and appropriately antiquated pants. “It’s eight bucks more than a movie ticket (for admission to the festival) and you’re here all day. And the people-watching is great.”

The festival is a time warp back to the days of King Henry VIII, offering all manner of escapes from normal life. Wandering through the 27 acres of woodlands, visitors clap along with fiddlers and other traditional musicians, laugh as jesters in big floppy hats perform, and catch passing glances of men dressed as knights and women in bust-heaving dresses.

The festival also offers a multitude of stick-mounted foods – macaroni and cheese on a stick, steak on a “stake” and chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. All this food on a stick apparently makes people thirsty, as guests consume 250,000 glasses each of beer and soft drinks, as well as 200,000 bottles of water during a season.

Unusual food is not the only draw for visitors, as actors, acrobats and magicians perform at stages and in open areas throughout the venue. Many shows require a great deal of audience participation, this full-on experience is what sets it apart from other forms of entertainment

Many of these performers – as well as the artists and craftsmen who make the festival run – travel a circuit of renaissance festivals throughout the country, starting in Arizona in February and ending their season in November. I had a great time again this year and I will be sure to make it back again next year.

Click the link below to see the Interview with Jake “the Wildman” from the picture above.



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